Nespresso - Istanbul Espresso

Nespresso - Istanbul Espresso

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Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of Istanbul with Nespresso Istanbul Espresso, a captivating blend inspired by the rich coffee culture of the city.

Taste Profile:

Where aromatic spices, hints of cardamom, and a touch of sweetness create a sensory journey reminiscent of Turkish coffee traditions.


Nespresso OriginalLine machines.


Each box contains 10 meticulously crafted capsules, providing you with an ample supply to enjoy the unique flavors of Istanbul Espresso at your convenience.


Level of 8.


Expertly roasted to perfection, Nespresso Istanbul Espresso features a dark roast profile that accentuates the rich and complex flavors, delivering a bold and aromatic espresso with every sip.


Ground coffee, natural flavors.

Nutrition Facts:

N/A - Nespresso capsules do not contain significant nutritional information.

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