Nescafe Gold Cappuccino Sachets - 12 sachets

Nescafe Gold Cappuccino Sachets - 12 sachets

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Stick to classics and you can't ever go wrong! Enjoy a classic NESCAFÉ GOLD Cappuccino mug in your afternoon to keep grumpiness away.

Your cup is a combination of high quality natural coffee beans mingled with milk sourced from British dairy farmers with a velvety froth to top this heavenly mix, thus taking your coffee break to the next level and enjoying till your last sip.

This classic is a must-have in your beloved coffee cabinet. You should periodically go back to the classics for inspiration and refreshment.


12 servings 


SugarInstant CoffeeGlucose SyrupSkim Milk PowderCoconut OilLactoseSaltMilk FatFlavourDipotassium PhosphateSodium PolyphosphateSodium Citrate

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