Kimbo - Ground Coffee - Napoli - 250g

Kimbo - Ground Coffee - Napoli - 250g

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Ø  you can conjure up a successful espresso at home that will transport you in your mind to the hustle and bustle of a typical Neapolitan coffee bar with its spirited atmosphere and soundscape. For the Kimbo Napoletano, the famous Italian coffee roaster uses a carefully composed blend, which consists of 80% Arabica coffee bean and 20% Robusta coffee bean. The latter comes from well-known coffee-growing regions in South America (including Santos, Brazil) and, with its higher coffee oil content, ensures a particularly


250 G.


Ground Coffee

Arabica – Robusta

80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans


Medium - Dark


250 G. – Ground Coffee



After Taste

Enjoy the wonderful notes of chocolate, fruit and toast that give this espresso its inimitable taste.

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