BonCafé - Ristretto Compatible with Nespresso - 10 Capsules

BonCafé - Ristretto Compatible with Nespresso - 10 Capsules

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Embrace the bold intensity of espresso with BonCafé Ristretto, meticulously crafted for Nespresso machines, offering a rich and satisfying coffee experience in every sip."

Taste Profile: This blend boasts a bold and intense taste profile with notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts, culminating in a velvety-smooth espresso with a lingering finish.

Compatibility: Nespresso machines.

Capsules & Servings: Each package contains 10 Nespresso-compatible capsules, providing 10 servings.

Weight:  Containing 10 capsules typically weighs approximately 55 grams.

Intensity: 9.

Recommended Shot: Ristretto

Ingredients: Crafted from a blend of premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, BonCafé Ristretto is expertly roasted to perfection to unlock its rich flavors. Exact ingredients include: 60% Arabica coffee beans, and 40% Robusta coffee beans

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