A guide to the best Nespresso capsules


Selecting the right Nespresso capsules is crucial to enjoying your coffee experience. Nespresso offers a diverse range of capsules, each designed to cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer a strong espresso or a milder lungo, there's a capsule for every moment of the day.

The Nespresso capsule classification system helps you navigate through the options with ease. Capsules are categorized by intensity, cup size, and aromatic profile, ensuring you find your perfect match. For the aficionados of both chocolate and coffee, blending flavors like those in NESCAFÉ GOLD Mocha Sachets can be an indulgent treat that complements the rich intensity of Nespresso's espresso range. Meanwhile, for tea lovers seeking tranquility, choices akin to Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Petals provide a similar serenity that some seek in their perfect cup of coffee.

Understanding this classification system allows for a tailored coffee experience. Are you ready to discover your favorites? Let’s dive into the world of Nespresso capsules.

Espresso Capsules

Espresso capsules are perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy short, strong cups of coffee. These capsules contain a blend of coffees in small, convenient pods, allowing you to make a barista-level espresso with ease.

Characteristics of Espresso Capsules

  • Intensity: Usually rated between 4 to 6 on Nespresso’s scale
  • Serving Size: Designed for 40ml espresso shots
  • Flavor Profile: Balanced aroma, often with fruity or malty notes
  • Coffee Blend: A mix of Arabica and Robusta beans for complexity and crema

Review of Specific Espresso Capsule Options

Capriccio (Intensity: 5)

A rich and distinctive espresso that combines South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta. It has cereal notes and a slight acidity, offering a well-structured and rounded taste.

Volluto (Intensity: 4)

This light and sweet espresso is made entirely from fine Arabicas sourced from South America. Volluto has biscuity notes and a hint of fruitiness, making it ideal for those who prefer a milder coffee experience.

Livanto (Intensity: 6)

Livanto is a well-balanced espresso with medium intensity. It has rich caramelized notes that result in a silky, smooth sip every time.

Cosi (Intensity: 4)

Cosi stands out with its light and refreshing profile made up entirely of East African and South American Arabicas. This espresso has subtle citrus hints that lend it a delicate, lemony zest.

While exploring these options, if you find your preference lies in the classic Italian roast reminiscent of traditional espressos, you might appreciate the Illy Ground Coffee Espresso - Espresso Classico. Its notes of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine offer an alternative way to enjoy your daily caffeine ritual.

As you delve into the nuances of each option, keep in mind that the best way to determine your favorite is through personal experience. Taste them side by side to discern the subtle differences that make each capsule unique.

For those who prefer a change of pace from espresso, another option worth considering is the Chaizup Karak Tea Cardamom. With its warm and aromatic blend of tea and cardamom, it provides a flavorful alternative for your daily dose of caffeine.

Intenso Capsules

Introduction to Intenso Capsules

When you want a coffee that's bold and flavorful, Intenso capsules are the perfect choice. These capsules contain a strong coffee blend, often with higher intensity ratings, made for those who enjoy a rich cup with robust flavors.

Description of Intense Coffee Flavors

Intenso capsules are known for their strong flavors. They usually have a deep roasted taste, hints of chocolate, and sometimes spicy undertones. The intensity doesn't just stop at the flavor – it's also seen in the thick crema that tops each cup.

Review of Specific Intenso Capsule Options

  1. Arpeggio: This one has an intensity rating of 9 and offers a creamy texture with a smoky aroma and cocoa notes.
  2. Roma: Slightly less intense at 8, Roma is well-balanced and subtle with woody and roasted cereal notes that create a unique profile.
  3. Ristretto: At an intensity level of 10, expect strong character and contrasting acidic and fruity notes in this complex blend.
  4. Dharkan: This capsule presents an intensity of 11 with blended origins. Its long roasting process brings out silky and smooth chocolatey notes alongside hints of toasted grain.
  5. Kazaar: Topping the intensity scale at 12, Kazaar is not for the faint-hearted. It combines two Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala with a separately roasted Arabica from South America, offering pepper notes amid its profound bitter flavor profile.

These different options allow you to customize your coffee experience – whether you want a strong morning boost or a powerful afternoon pick-me-up. As you try out these intense blends, you can pair them with something sweet like Nescafe Gold - Cappuccino Sweetened, for a harmonious balance or enjoy them on their own to fully savor their complex flavors. And for those looking for a non-coffee alternative, consider complementing the intense coffee flavors with a cup of Dilmah Mango & Strawberry Tea, which offers a gently aromatic and complex blend that perfectly accompanies the boldness of Intenso capsules.

Master Origin Capsules

The Master Origin range by Nespresso offers a selection of single-origin coffees, each sourced from a unique coffee-growing region. This line is a reimagining of the brand's former Pure Origin capsules, with an emphasis on showcasing the specific qualities and traditional processing methods inherent to each locale.

Comparison with Pure Origin Capsules

  • Pure Origin focused on presenting the distinct flavors from particular coffee-producing countries.
  • Master Origin elevates this concept by highlighting not only the region but also the local farming practices that contribute to each capsule's singular taste profile.

Review of Specific Master Origin Capsule Options


Savor the light and flowery notes that are characteristic of Ethiopian coffee. Rated 4 out of 12 for intensity, this option often carries a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste that aficionados appreciate.


With a rating of 5 out of 12 for intensity, the Nicaraguan variety is known for its sweetness, akin to honey. Its Arabica beans yield a cereal-like taste with no bitterness and a pleasantly medium aroma.


The Colombian capsule, rated at 6 out of 12 intensity, presents flavors reminiscent of ripe red fruits and hints of wine-like acidity. It combines a medium aroma with a creamy texture that can be compared to red wine.

For those who enjoy customizing their coffee experience, adding a splash of Monin Flavouring Syrup - Caramel can complement the natural sweetness found in these single-origin coffees. Similarly, pairing your favorite Master Origin espresso with a cardamom-infused beverage like Chaizup Karak Tea might offer an intriguing contrast in flavors.

Each Master Origin capsule tells a story through its flavor - an invitation to explore diverse landscapes and cultures one sip at a time.

Lungo Capsules

Lungo capsules are designed for coffee lovers who enjoy larger cups of coffee without sacrificing flavor. When you make a lungo, you let more water flow through the coffee grounds, resulting in a bigger cup that still has the same strong taste as an espresso shot. This is different from a regular espresso, which is smaller and more concentrated.

Characteristics of Lungo Coffee:

  • Brewed with approximately twice the amount of water used for an espresso
  • Offers a balanced taste and a richer aroma due to the extended extraction time
  • Often has a less intense but more nuanced flavor profile

Linizio Lungo:

  • A blend of Colombian and Brazilian Arabica beans
  • Notable for its smooth, malty cereal notes paired with subtle sweetness

Vivalto Lungo:

  • A complex mix from various origins
  • Characterized by its woodsy and floral aromas with underlying cereal tones

Fortissio Lungo:

  • Merges beans from the West Indies and South America
  • Distinguished by its full-bodied cereal flavor accompanied by malty undertones

For those interested in enhancing their lungo experience, consider experimenting with flavor additions. For instance, adding Monin Flavouring Syrup - Blue Curacao can transform your lungo into an exotic beverage with its aromatic orange peel scent and candy bitter taste.

If you're looking for something warm and comforting to pair with your lungo, why not explore the delightful combination of coffee and tea? You might enjoy pairing your lungo with Chaizup - Karak Tea - Milk Tea, creating a unique fusion of flavors that is both invigorating and satisfying.

By understanding these characteristics and trying out different lungo capsules, you can find the perfect match for your preference in longer cups of coffee. Experiment with flavors and combinations to further tailor your coffee experience.

Decaffeinato Capsules

For those who enjoy the taste of coffee but prefer or require a low-caffeine option, Nespresso's Decaffeinato capsules offer a range of decaf coffees that retain much of the flavor and aroma associated with their caffeinated counterparts. These capsules are perfect for late-night indulgence or for those sensitive to caffeine.

1. Decaffeinato Arpeggio

The Decaffeinato Arpeggio is a testament to the belief that decaf coffee need not be bland. With an intensity level of 9, this capsule delivers a strong, creamy body and a cocoa profile similar to the original Arpeggio. It pairs beautifully with milk, and if you desire an added layer of complexity, consider enhancing it with a Monin's Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup, which complements without overpowering the rich chocolate notes.

2. Decaffeinato Vivalto

Next in line is the Decaffeinato Vivalto, mirroring the complexity and balance found in its caffeinated version. This blend features South American and East African beans, offering floral notes with a touch of roastiness. The subtle complexity makes it an ideal candidate for those quiet moments when you might also enjoy sipping on something like Dilmah's Strawberry Tea, another beverage that balances sweetness with acidity.

3. Decaffeinato Intenso

If you're looking for depth without the buzz, the Decaffeinato Intenso will not disappoint. As the most intense option among Nespresso's decaffeinated range, this capsule boasts an intensity level of 7, delivering dense and powerful flavors akin to dark roasted beans. It is bold enough to stand alone yet versatile enough to serve as a base for milk-based beverages.

4. Decaffeinato Volluto

Lastly, for those who prefer something lighter and sweeter, there's the Decaffeinato Volluto. It presents as the most delicate option among these decaf offerings with an intensity level of 4. Its light biscuit and fruity notes create a harmonious composition that could be your go-to choice for an afternoon treat.

Each decaffeinated capsule variation maintains Nespresso's commitment to quality and sustainability while providing an option for every palate preference — whether you desire something robust or subtle. Experimenting with these choices can lead to discovering your perfect cup of decaf coffee.

Variation Capsules

When you're looking to add a twist to your coffee routine, Nespresso's Variation capsules offer a delightful range of flavored capsules. These are expertly crafted to complement the complex character of Nespresso's coffee blends with carefully selected flavors.

Vanilio - Vanilla: If you enjoy a gentle, sweetly aromatic experience in your cup, the Vanilio capsule might just become a favorite. It pairs the velvety taste of vanilla with a smooth and silky coffee base, creating a luxurious treat for those moments when you want something less traditional.

  • Aroma: Soft and balanced with comforting vanilla notes
  • Intensity: Medium, allowing the vanilla flavor to shine without overpowering the coffee
  • Best enjoyed as: A warm espresso or mixed into a latte for an indulgent vanilla latte

Caramelito - Caramel: For caramel lovers, Caramelito is like a cozy embrace. This capsule weaves together the rich, buttery flavor of caramel with robust coffee undertones. The result is a harmonious blend that still retains a strong coffee presence, satisfying both your sweet tooth and your caffeine needs.

  • Aroma: Sweet and creamy with pronounced caramel overtones
  • Intensity: Balanced to highlight both the espresso's depth and the caramel's sweetness
  • Pairing suggestion: Enjoy on its own or try it with a chocolate dessert for an amplified sensory experience

Ciocattino - Chocolate: Indulge in the Ciocattino if chocolate is what you crave. This flavored capsule captures the essence of dark chocolate, incorporating subtle bitterness that complements the coffee's natural profile. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the darker side of sweetness.

  • Aroma: Rich and dark with cocoa tones that echo fine dark chocolate
  • Intensity: Crafted to embrace the boldness of both chocolate and coffee
  • Serving tip: Serve as an espresso shot to savor its complexity or blend into a mocha for added decadence

Experience each unique flavor profile of these variation capsules as they bring novelty and excitement to your Nespresso collection. Whether you prefer vanilla’s softness, caramel’s richness, or chocolate’s intensity, there’s something here to intrigue your palate.

And if you're intrigued by rich aromas and intense roasts beyond Nespresso offerings, consider exploring Lavazza's Gusto Pieno whole beans which offer a distinctive aroma with roasted notes of precious woods. These dark roasted Lavazza whole beans, composed of Robusta and Arabica, provide an intensity level of 9.

Transitioning from these specially flavored options, you may also find interest in specialty teas which offer their own unique set of aromatic experiences such as Chaizup Karak Tea with Saffron, expanding your horizon of warm beverages.

As you continue to explore different tastes and aromas within Nespresso's range, don't forget that there are more options available beyond what Nespresso has on offer.

Beyond Nespresso: Compatible Nespresso Pods

When exploring the world of Nespresso, you may discover a universe beyond the official capsules offered by the brand. Compatible Nespresso pods have entered the market, providing a diverse range of flavors and experiences from renowned companies such as Starbucks, Lavazza, Atlas Coffee Club, and Difference Coffee.


Starbucks delivers its signature coffee experience through compatible pods for Nespresso machines. Options like Pike Place Roast mirror a smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees with subtle notes of cocoa and toasted nuts. For those preferring a richer profile, Espresso Roast is a darker, more intense option, while Blonde Espresso Roast offers a lighter body with sweet citrus notes. House Blend, the brand’s heartwarming staple with hints of nuts and cocoa, and Caffé Verona, known for its dark cocoa texture and robust flavors, round out the selections.

Starbucks' iconic flavors can complement these pods perfectly when looking for an indulgent treat to pair with your coffee.


Lavazza, synonymous with Italian espresso, presents its expertise in capsules compatible with Nespresso systems. The Espresso Maestro Classico stands out with its balanced bouquet and rich body—ideal for those who appreciate traditional Italian espresso.

Atlas Coffee Club

For aficionados seeking unique blends and single-origin coffees, Atlas Coffee Club offers an exceptional range with pods highlighting beans from across the globe. The high-quality selection ensures you're sipping on some of the finest brews available.

Difference Coffee

Lastly, connoisseurs will appreciate Difference Coffee, which prides itself on curating rare and prestigious coffee varieties. Their Hawaii Kona pods are notable for their exceptionally smooth taste and lack of bitterness—a true luxury in your cup.

If you desire sweetness without added sugar in your coffee ritual, consider enhancing your beverage with Monin Flavouring Syrup - Caramel SUGAR FREE 0.7L, which pairs wonderfully with any coffee selection.

With such an extensive array of third-party options available for Nespresso machines, you're encouraged to explore these alternative capsule choices to find new favorites or revisit classic blends that suit your palate.


Selecting the right Nespresso capsule can transform your coffee experience. Whether you prefer a strong, intense shot of espresso or a milder, flavored cup, the best Nespresso capsules are the ones that align with your taste preferences and mood. Understanding the various capsule types is just the beginning.

  1. Experiment: The world of Nespresso capsules is vast and varied. Don't hesitate to try different intensities and origins.
  2. Pair Wisely: Consider what you enjoy in a cup of coffee. Do you relish it black or with milk? Perhaps adding Nestle Coffee Mate - Caramel Latte Powder could introduce a new dimension to your favorite blend. This fat-free coffee creamer is lactose-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and can help create a velvety goodness in your cup.

  1. Mix It Up: Introduce variety into your routine. If you usually have an espresso, why not switch to a Lungo or explore the unique flavors of Master Origin capsules?

Dive into the Nespresso capsule guide with enthusiasm and let curiosity be your compass as you discover new favorites. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not spice up your day with something different like Chaizup - Karak Tea - Ginger? The joy of coffee—and its cousins—is all about exploration and finding that perfect cup that speaks to you.