Imtenan - Ginseng Chai -18 tb

Imtenan - Ginseng Chai -18 tb

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Ginseng Chai is a 100% natural herbal tea composed of organic ginseng and ginger roots, organic cinnamon bark and clove buds. This tea blends the potent tonic Korean Ginseng with an energy boosting Indian Chai herbal blend.

Health benefits: Ginseng is a miraculous herb known to restore and enhance mental and physical performance, a potent immune booster, alleviates digestive problems, improves memory and concentration, enhances sexual excellence and increases libido.

Servings: 18 tea bags

Warning: Do not use in cases of pregnancy, nursing, children under 18 years old, heart disease and hypertension. Use cautiously with anticoagulant and anti-diabetic medications as it may blood lower sugar levels. May cause insomnia.

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