Ahmad Tea - Green - Green Tea Selection - 20 Foil

Ahmad Tea - Green - Green Tea Selection - 20 Foil

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This selection offers green tea lovers a mix of the most-sipped green infusions.

    It features:
  • Green Tea Pure
  • Jasmine Romance
  • Mint Mystique
  • Lemon Vitality

For each of these blends,the base is the Green Tea Pure, a tea prized for its toasted grass flavour and light nutty notes.Drink a Green Tea Pure when a gentle, delicate brew is all you need.

For the other three blends, complementary ingredients are introduced that elevate the Green Tea Pure to new heights.

For the Jasmine Romance, the tea is layered with fresh jasmine buds, letting them impart their uniquely sweet and floral aroma over several nights.When only a relaxing, botanical brew is needed, Jasmine Romance will not let you down.

For the much-loved Mint Mystique blend, dried spearmint leaves and a signature mint flavouring is added which give a distinctive flourish of menthol to the grassy green tea. Itexhilarates the palate and soothes digestion.

Finally, the Lemon Vitality zings with citrus freshness from the addition of lemon peel and a signature lemon flavouring. It is the go-to for a refreshing kick to your day.

You‚?ôll find fiveindividually foil-wrapped teabags of each flavour in this Green Tea Selection to seal in its freshness and ensure every cup tastes as good as it should.

Servings: 20 tea bags

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